We are currently under development and working with local merchants, transport operators, BID’s and local authorities to bring TravelPerx to locations in the UK soon.

Our roadmap to accelerate recovery

Covid-19 has left high streets and its businesses facing unprecedented challenges predominantly from the drop in footfall. However our towns and cities have noticed the environmental benefit of fewer cars in the town. This means we are desperate for a solution that helps high streets and its businesses recover and flourish that helps to make our towns and cities more environmentally friendly. 

We need to build back better, we need to build back green. We need something a bit special to bring people back to the high street, shopping locally and spending offline whilst keeping the environment as a main priority.

TravelPerx is that special something, a loyalty solution like no other!

It was designed as a solution to reinvigorate the high street while reducing carbon emissions giving a greener perspective to your town centres.

TravelPerx - How it works

Download the TravelPerx app on the App store or Google Play

Register for your account and securely add your personal Debit or Credit Cards to the app

You will then receive a personalised TravelPerx Card by post or you can collect one from various popular locations in the city.*

You’re then ready to go shopping with your favourite high street businesses as usual. Simply use the TravelPerx App to find businesses where you can earn TravelPerx

You can earn Perx by buying an E voucher or simply by spending with your credit/debit card in participating Merchant stores.

Once you redeem against an offer from a participating business you earn your Perx instantaneously.

You can check and top up your balance at any time using the app.

When you’re ready to travel just use your TravelPerx Payment card instead of your own card or cash at participating transport operators – it works just like any contactless Debit card!

Worried about having leftover perx? No problem! Any unused TravelPerx can be used on your next visit.

Saving high streets across the UK

Remove the pain points of travelling on your local high street and Travel FREE with locations and partners across the UK – and many more on the way!

The loyalty solution like no other offers a compelling reward, free travel, that can be redeemed immediately and earned in a variety of ways.

Business Improvement Districts.

Uplift footfall, spending, and location loyalty

A multi-business collaborative rewards platform designed to uplift a location’s prosperity. TravelPerx can rejuvenate high streets, increase the take up of sustainable transport and help drive a modal shift from the car to greener travel options whilst collecting data that can help your location become smarter.

Business Improvement Districts

Transport Authorities.

Increase the use of Sustainable Transport in your area

TravelPerx users can earn Perx as a reward for shopping with local high street businesses and use it to pay for public transport fares, combining economic regeneration with sustainable transport. TravelPerx therefore incentivises the take up of sustainable transport options by making it more affordable, leading to higher usage whilst stimulating local spending in high street businesses.

What’s more with TravelPerx and the data we collect you can learn more generating and measuring the modal shift from the car to sustainable transport methods. This is vital to the continuing sustainable development of our locations into smart towns and cities


Transport Authorities
TravelPerx – Location Market

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