Support your local businesses

Uplift Footfall – Businesses offers are visible to consumers in your location and beyond, promoting themselves to new and current customers who see that they will be rewarded with free travel if they shop local.  This makes high street shopping more attractive to consumers and also the very nature of the reward removes a barrier to high street spending – the cost of actually visiting.

Increase Spending – Businesses can use the compelling reward of Free Travel to incentivise a higher level of spending by consumers. BID’s should they wish can provide a stakeholder subsidy which leverages measurable direct spending in the local economy to boost this further.

Foster Location loyalty – TravelPerx is a loyalty solution for all high street businesses. By rewarding customers with FREE Travel instantaneously, Consumers will be happier and therefore more likely to shop local again and again. Consumers know that by visiting your location they can benefit from this unique reward and this leads to a stronger sense of loyalty to your area.

Increase Spending

Increase the use of Sustainable Transport

Lockdown taught us many things but it also gave us a chance to take a step back and look at how towns and cities could look in the future. We know we now need to recover and build back better and importantly build back green.

With TravelPerx you can do exactly that! TravelPerx allows you to reward consumers with free travel when they shop with local high street businesses, incentivising the take up of sustainable transport options. This leads to a greater use of sustainable transport options as they are now cheaper and more accessible for Consumers which helps you to reduce the CO2 emissions in your location.

What’s more with TravelPerx and the data we collect you can learn more generating and measuring the modal shift from the car to sustainable transport methods. This is vital to the continuing sustainable development of our locations into smart towns and cities.

Increase the use of Sustainable Transport

Yes TravelPerx can offer you more!


Measurable ROI

Discover the level and value of uplifted footfall and spending through audits and analysis of TravelPerx data.

community engagement

Promote your events and activities

Generate PR opportunities and facilitate a direct marketing channel to consumers to promote any BID events/activities. This will then allow you to engage in real time when Consumers are within your location.


Create reinvestment opportunities

Run competitions where prizes are purchases from local independent traders.


Learn about your location using TravelPerx Data

We can understand how your location is used and by who, when and how - allowing you to repurpose your high street and shape the future of your town centre towards a green agenda.

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You can use central government funding to pay for the deployment

TravelPerx is designed to help support high street businesses and increase the take up of sustainable greener travel choices. This means you can access several funds to support the deployment such as the Transforming Cities Fund, Sustainable Transport Access Fund, Active Travel Fund, Reopening the High Street Safely ERDF grant and COVID support/recovery grants, Future High streets fund, Towns Fund and many more.

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Community engagement

Breakage from collected Perx rewards are distributed to local charities and initiatives based on TravelPerx Consumers' preferences.