Want more consumers to use your services?

TravelPerx users can earn Perx as a reward for shopping with local high street businesses and use it to pay for public transport fares. By becoming a TravelPerx Partner you can allow TravelPerx users to spend their Perx on your services without it costing you a penny.

This makes your transport offering cheaper and more attractive for consumers making your services more accessible and more likely to be used. 

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Want to increase your reputation in your community?

TravelPerx is a solution designed to help save our High Streets whilst encouraging more people to use public transport and as a result reduce their Carbon Footprint and protect the environment.

By becoming a TravelPerx partner you can do both and enhance your reputation in local communities across the country. With TravelPerx, High street spending equals free travel. You can increase your PR by offering this unique opportunity, while also increasing the take up of your services at no cost to yourself.

Find out more about how your business can help boost prosperity on Britain’s High Streets and drive a modal shift from the car to Public Transport below.



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How it works for Public Transport Operators

Consumers earn their Perx by spending with their favourite high street businesses. 

With our card linked loyalty system they are rewarded instantaneously.

Consumers then can use their Perx to pay for their public transport or green travel fares with participating transport operators.

Our app lists the participating operators and gives links to their website or app. TravelPerx consumers can use their TravelPerx card at the checkout when they buy their tickets. They can bit part pay and then pay with another card or they can top up their TravelPerx card should it not cover the full fare.

Transport Operators will need to integrate their payment systems to allow the use of the TravelPerx Card. In the future it may be possible to integrate Public Transport Operators completely into the TravelPerx app.

More benefits for Public Transport Operators!


Learn about your customers

Find out more about your customers with our aggregated data on the TravelPerx Webportal. Are they older or younger, are they locals or tourists and much more!


See how you compare with others in your industry

With TravelPerx's Data you can see on which services customers use their Perx. This gives an indication how popular it is to consumers and their perception of the price of your service. Moreover you can see your ranking against other Transport Operators in key criteria such as £ of Perx used with your service.


Real Time Advertising Opportunities

With TravelPerx you can send targeted messages to our consumers on the app in real time when they arrive and move around the City. Our consumers are all keen users of sustainable transport and our app is therefore a great way to communicate with your target audience.