Increase the use of Sustainable Transport

Lockdown taught us many things but it also gave us a chance to take a step back and look at the impact cars have on our towns and cities. We know we now need to recover and build back better and importantly build back green.

With TravelPerx you can do exactly that!

TravelPerx users can earn Perx as a reward for shopping with local high street businesses and use it to pay for public transport fares. TravelPerx therefore incentivises the take up of sustainable transport options by making them more affordable. This leads to a greater use of sustainable transport options which helps you to reduce the CO2 emissions in your location.

What’s more with TravelPerx and the data we collect you can learn more generating and measuring the modal shift from the car to sustainable transport methods. This is vital to the continuing sustainable development of our locations into smart towns and cities.

Link Economic Regeneration and Sustainable Transport

We need a collaborative approach to boosting the local economy and increasing the use of Sustainable Transport. Offering free Travel to consumers has been championed by many local businesses as a way to stimulate local spending as it removes a barrier to Consumers visiting the town.



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Understand how your location is used and by who, when and how - allowing you to repurpose your high street and shape the future of your town centre. Measure and learn about generating a modal shift from the car to sustainable transport- helping you to enhance your green initiatives.

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A reduction in congestion

TravelPerx incentives Consumers to use sustainable transport options and helps to drive a modal shift from the car to public transport. By increasing the use of sustainable transport over cars we can help limit issues of congestion and lost productivity.

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Real Time Advertising Opportunities

With TravelPerx you can send targeted messages to our consumers on the app in real time when they arrive and move around the City. Our consumers are all keen users of sustainable transport and our app is therefore a great way to communicate with your target audience.

Entrepreneur and former Dragon, Jenny Campbell said:

“I knew this was a game-changer as soon as I heard about it in the Den.”