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An innovative, multi award-winning solution that removes long-established Consumer pain points…

...and we're here to save the high street

Our fast, convenient smartphone app that rewards town and city centre spending with free travel uses an innovative new technology called Smart Beacons.

Increase footfall. Increase sales. Repeat custom.

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Business Improvement Districts.

Uplift footfall, spending, and location loyalty

A multi-business collaborative rewards platform designed to uplift a location’s prosperity. TravelPerx can rejuvenate high streets, increase the take up of sustainable transport and help drive a modal shift from the car to greener travel options whilst collecting data that can help your location become smarter.

Improve your district

Transport Authorities.

Increase the use of Sustainable Transport in your area

TravelPerx users can earn Perx as a reward for shopping with local high street businesses and use it to pay for public transport fares, combining economic regeneration with sustainable transport. TravelPerx therefore incentivises the take up of sustainable transport options by making it more affordable, leading to higher usage whilst stimulating local spending in high street businesses.

What’s more, with TravelPerx and the data we collect you can learn more about generating and measuring the modal shift from the car to sustainable transport methods. This is vital to the continuing sustainable development of our locations into smart towns and cities.



Transport Authorities