Increase spending in your offline stores

Uplift Footfall – Businesses offers are visible to consumers in your location and beyond, allowing you to promote your business to new and current customers who see that they will be rewarded with free travel if they shop local. This makes high street shopping more attractive to consumers and also the very nature of the reward removes a barrier to high street spending  – the cost of actually visiting.

Increase Spending – Businesses can use the compelling reward of Free Travel to incentivise a higher level of spending by consumers.

Foster loyalty – By rewarding customers with FREE Travel instantaneously, Consumers will be happier and therefore more likely to shop with you again and again. Consumers know that by visiting your business they can benefit from this unique reward and this leads to a stronger sense of loyalty to your products and services.

Our list of partners and locations are growing by the day, join your fellow business owners in our revolution to save the high street.

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of Consumers say they would come to town centres more often if it was cheaper to do so.


of the UK’s domestic greenhouse gas emissions come from the Transport Sector (the largest overall contribution of any sector).

TravelPerx - how it works for your customer

  • Your customers download the app and link their spending cards. 
  • Users will then receive a personalised TravelPerx by post or they can collect one from various main stopping points in the city.
  • Consumers can see all the offers from businesses on the app.
  • They simply shop with high street businesses like yourselves. With our card linked loyalty system we pick up the transactions made by their linked debit or credit cards and reward customers immediately after the transaction. 
  • There is no hassle for you and customers are only rewarded with Perx when they redeem your offer.
  • Consumers can then use the Perx with participating transport operators using their TravelPerx Payment Card. 
  • If they haven’t got enough Perx to pay for the entire fare they can top up their card at anytime or shop with you more!

You're in full control

You decide…

• How much of a reward you want to give.
• What qualifies for a reward by setting a minimum spend*.
• Whether the reward is a fixed amount or a percentage of spend.
• How much you want to give away using either, a cap on the number of customers rewarded* or a cap on the total value of reward you give*.
• If you want to restrict the rewards to between given dates and times.

A measurable return on your investment

Know the cost of customer acquisition and easily measure your ROI.

You decide the minimum spend and the rewards given.
No sale. No fee. You only pay when customers make a qualifying purchase.
No monthly fees*.
No long term contract – opt in or out at any time*.
Easily track and measure the average spend of TravelPerx customers.
Easily measure how the solution drives new or repeat customers.

Other fantastic benefits


Benefit from customer insight & engagement

We create a profile of town centre users using their Merchant engagement history across all participating businesses.

Enhanced marketing

Enhanced marketing

List your offer and rewards on the TravelPerx app and see them promoted directly via our regular emails, website and social media.

instant reward

Instant reward

Qualifying purchases will immediately be rewarded to your customers making them happy for shopping with you straight after their purchase.

Card about

Business as usual

We use ‘card-linked’ loyalty. Consumers register their debit / credit card once and pay as normal at the till. No staff training required.


Real Time Advertising Opportunities

With TravelPerx you can send targeting messages to our consumers on the app in real time when they arrive and move around the City.

Buy In

Compelling buy-in

TravelPerx delivers something more persuasive than your usual merchant-based loyalty points by reducing or eliminating sustainable transport costs. This helps to incentivise greener travel choices and is therefore a great way to showcase your social responsibility and generate positive PR and goodwill for your business.

*ParkingPerx Pilot Research 2017
** BEIS (2020) 2018 UK greenhouse gas emissions: final figures – statistical release (online). Available at: